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Thursday Oct 19, 2023

In this episode, Daria Halprin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daria_Halprin) takes us on a captivating journey through her childhood, filled with nature explorations and dance classes, in a very alternative family. We discussed her life's work, the building of the Tamalpa Institute (https://www.tamalpa.org/), the different teachers she encountered on her way like Fritz Perls the founder of the Gestalt Therapy, growing up in California in the 60s and 70s, and much more.
As a student in the Tamalpa Institute myself, it was a dream to get to meet and interview the founder of this life-changing program. I hope you leave this conversation inspired by the wise words of Daria!
[00:02:47] Childhood spent hiking, collecting plants, dancing, and traveling abroad. [00:07:43] Adolescence: seeking identity through exploration, contrasting experiences. [00:12:07] Parents conflicted about unconventional living for their children.[00:21:38] The importance of mentorship. [00:23:11] Finding a balance between imitating and differentiating.[00:27:50] Theater, movement, training, natural, performance, alternative education. [00:32:37] Self-taught therapy approach. [00:47:36] Introduced to Fritz and his work, loved Gestalt therapy, experimented with physical theater and narrative material, connections to therapy, healing process. [00:52:13] Developing the Tamalpa Institute, expressive arts therapy.[00:56:36] Alternative education empowers lost young dreamers.
Recorded at the Mountain Home Studio in California on the 04.14.23

Thursday Aug 10, 2023

In today's episode, I have a captivating conversation with Reggie James. Reggie, also known as HipCityReg on Twitter (https://twitter.com/HipCityReg) or Substack (https://hipcityreg.substack.com/), is the founder of Eternal, a company that focuses on powering creatives and connecting audiences, at the intersection of tech and culture. 
We discussed the deep-rooted feelings of apathy in our generation, taking young people seriously, and providing them with the tools for youth-driven creation and expression. 
Reggie also shared his personal journey of self-discovery, discussing the challenges and rewards of feeling lost in his early twenties and the profound growth that can come from embracing discomfort.
I’ve laughed multiple times while editing the video in addition to laughing live to Reg’s witty jokes! I hope you leave this conversation energized :)
[00:04:19] Growing up in the woods with a family-centric upbringing.
[00:08:53] Wanting to be an architect, ending up in finance.
[00:14:23] Struggles at Wharton, dark times leading to self-discovery.
[00:21:38] College gf opening the path to tech, graduating college.
[00:27:35] The struggles of young people.
[00:33:20] Youth apathy stems from lack of change.
[00:41:22] About Eternal.
[00:53:53] Tech culture needs to embrace cultural tools.
[00:59:41] Early twenties: It's okay to feel lost <3
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Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

In this dropUp episode, I sit with Aziz, a Sufi practitioner, to journey into the mystical heart of Sufism. We explore divine unity, the role of love, and our potential for beauty and chaos. We trace the origins of whirling, a dance of unity, and Sufism that Aziz calls "The punk rock of Islam". Aziz also shares insights on the importance of commitment in paths. Through our conversation, I hope to inspire listeners with unique insights and a fresh outlook on their lives!
Timestamp: [00:04:56] Raised with universal Sufi practices, childhood in New Mexico. [00:07:17] Adolescence, fitting in, punk rock, spiritual exploration. [00:10:50] Discovering Zikr, embracing the Mev Levi tradition. [00:16:28] More on Sufism: heart of Islam, journey to unity. [00:19:45] Paths to finding yourself are diverse. [00:24:35] Embrace love. [00:27:23] School burnout led to woodworking passion. [00:32:04] What is the whirling practice. [00:36:36] Aziz's current life, travels, and last pieces of advice.
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Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

Join us on this cozy episode of dropUp as we journey with Danielle Strachman, the bold co-founder of the Thiel Fellowship and the 1517 fund. Danielle shares her journey from choosing an unconventional educational path to leading a rebellion against rigid academic norms. She's a believer in individuality, inspiring listeners to reclaim their playful spirit of learning. Danielle's resilience shines through her endeavors, from creating a tutoring company to building a charter school. Her experiences shaped her advocacy for positive activism and a freer, more personalized education system.
[00:01:35] Premature birth and creative upbringing. [00:07:00] Early love of teaching, finding social role. [00:11:47] School experience: music, fitting in, independence, flow. [00:16:40] Intellectual stimulation. [00:23:39] Learning in school shaped and empowered me. [00:29:03] Got deep in grad school, questioned path. Found calling in education, tutoring company. [00:35:14] Adult stages of development often overlooked in society. Quarter and midlife crises seen as negative, but actually important milestones. Development should be approached with consciousness and a growth mindset. [00:40:05] Passion for young people and human rights; changing definition of "young person"; struggle to find fitting role; opportunity with the Thiel Foundation and 1517; big impact and connection with individuals. [00:48:42] Struggles and rewards of starting a school. [00:59:26] Play extinguished, lack of learning from elders. Oberlin's culture crushed by administration. [01:08:32] Students unaware of the need to challenge institutions. [01:13:52] Stepping out of comfort zone for activism. Quality over quantity. Using anger as fuel for change.
The sponsor for this episode is no other than Danielle's fund, the 1517 : https://www.1517fund.com – If you are a dropout, builder, or founder, you should definitely check all the ways they bring capital to young people!
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Tuesday May 30, 2023

Jump into an enriching episode of dropUp featuring David 'Talin' Joiner, a luminary in the video game industry. Through Talin's fascinating stories, we explore his dedication to skill mastery, the role passion plays in success, and his journey from computer shops to LA's DataSoft, where he helped breathe life into the revolutionary Amiga computer. Talin also touches on his personal struggle with depression and how he got out of it. A lover of Dungeons and Dragons, Talin's wide-ranging interests beyond tech shape his creative approach to game storytelling. He brings to light the vital role of accountability and good behavior frameworks in social environments and the powerful influence of culture in engineering. Join us to unravel the captivating narrative of 1980s game development and Talin's own building of a video game company, The Dreamers Guild.
Timestamp: [00:04:27] School, depression, geek, loneliness, self-discovery. [00:07:08] Air Force, learning programming from scratch. [00:10:14] Freedom from religion, finding profound relief. [00:14:39] Worked at State Art Systems, then DataSoft. Developed speech synthesizer for Amiga computer. [00:19:09] Playful programmers create successful educational games, like "Discovery" and "The Fairytale Adventure." [00:22:39] Fairy Tale: First large game. [00:28:33] Inventing future, loyalty, mistakes, bankruptcy, whirlwind. [00:31:33] Hacker movement. [00:36:02] Learning social skills and nonviolent communication. Intimacy workshop. [00:39:26] Safe space, exercises, importance of structure. Breaking through anxieties. [00:43:38] Pro-social institutions preventing dystopian nightmares. [00:46:46] Focus on one thing, commit, and observe.
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Sunday Apr 23, 2023

Sunday Apr 23, 2023

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